The Value Production Chain
Food Italiae is the farm to food chain which protects the typical characteristics and safety of products, capable of promoting the land, optimising distribution, reducing consumption and bolstering innovation. Above all, it responds to modern consumer requests for total transparency and access to information, for greater peace of mind when shopping, every single day.


Quality as an essential starting point. Only the finest companies are involved. The aim is to bring truly different products to the consumer’s table, as genuine as they were fifty years ago, but with the added benefit of current safety standards and guarantees.


At Food Italiae, maximum transparency is not an imposition, it is an added value. This is why companies in the chain have developed the “Porte Aperte” (open door) programme, inviting everyone to discover the rituality of countless processes and to taste products directly from producers.


“Transparency” is a rare added value. Starting from this concept, we have created the Fileri@mo programme which enables anyone to find out the entire history of a purchased product, indicating each processing step from land to table.


Stringent regulations and standards are integrally applied along the entire supply chain. This means safety; all Food Italiae companies have important quality certifications.

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Food to Farm Cluster
Skills at the service of the production chain enable us to:

Promote the territory

This is a 100% Italian supply chain, created to promote and protect traditional agricultural products.

Optimise distribution

Food Italiae products are identifiable in distribution channels by a guarantee seal and supply chain code.

Reduce Consumption

We are committed to reducing waste and the promotion of by-products, with virtuous ethical implications for the territory.

Promote Innovation

Products from the chain are the fruit of collaboration between research bodies, businesses, institutes and pubic administration.

The Chain's brands
The chain provides a framework and opportunities for companies in Italy to operate in an innovative and competitive manner on international markets.